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Women on the seabee base

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Women on the seabee base

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Print It was an unusual job even for the Seabees, the U. First, the team selected to build barracks high in the mountains of Afghanistan consisted of eight women, who are all stationed at Naval Base Ventura County. And second, the women completed the job far ahead of schedule.

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Advertisement The team members have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan for years — some are on their third bsse tours. Advertisement They may also serve on the amphibious battalions that build portable piers to help Navy combat ships get forces to shore. Advertisement Though immune to the deprivations nase working under austere conditions, she said stray thoughts of home enter her mind sometimes as she looks down at her cracked hands and dirt-rimmed nails.

The First All-Female U. But then they went ahead and worked hour days, finishing the barracks in a period of two weeks.

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However, for the first time ever, the Seabees team tasked with building the barracks consisted of all women. Katie Higgins, one of the first two female pilots to be selected as part of the Blue Angels. It was a changing of the guard, in front of family and friends, and a sea of white uniforms. Their work was standard Seabee duty: building an operations center, two barracks and a gym for Coalition forces in northern Helmand province.

They ate rice and beans.

I thought seeing that we were an all-female team that we would have to do what we have to do make sure everything went well," she said, adding that the experienced team was easy to lead. Normally, it takes three.

She's the first female commander in the history Womeb the base, which dates back more than 50 years. Copyright WLOX. The force provides deployable battalions capable of providing disaster preparation and recovery support, humanitarian assistance and combat operations support. It was made even more powerful by the Navy band.

We have done the impossible and that makes us mighty

But the women from Naval Base Ventura County were ready to go to work. But when the women returned to Bagram air field, their Afghanistan base, they learned that they had nailed another achievement: a place in naval history.

Military precision was on full display and so was the feeling of patriotism. The LA Times describes the conditions they endured: Mornings were so cold that ice coated the piles of wood, soaking their gloves as they began throwing up the buildings. Not too shabby, ladies! We know we're well trained and we're confident in our skills that we've learned through training and education. They took showers using freezing water pulled by bucket from a well.

All-female seabee team makes history

The new commander, Captain Cheryl Hansen, had nothing but good things to say about a base and a coast that has rebounded after the blow struck by Hurricane Katrina. They ate rice and beans. Wo,en normally takes about three weeks to complete such a project, Seabees officials said. The observance aimed to show the contributions women have made for our country.

They get to shoot all their guns.

But the eight Naval Mobile Construction Battalions, which have men each, are the only Seabee units closed to women. Working hour days, they agreed on site to double the size of their task, adding tthe operations center and a gym to the barracks already planned. Navy bases around the world building hospitals, repairing plumbing and doing other jobs.

The performance showed the great things that women have already broken ground on and what women can do in the future. The first woman to the Seabees was Carmella Woomen in Print Womsn was an unusual job even for the Seabees, the U. They're not going to get it done. In mid-November, when the call went out for a team of Seabees to build barracks huts, the women put up their hands, Stewart said.

The first all-female u.s. navy construction team breaks building records in afghanistan

The team, who are all stationed at Naval Base Ventura County, worked through freezing nights and blistering winds to complete the construction of the barracks. Today, there are nine battalions operating out of two U.

They took showers using freezing water pulled by bucket from a well. Moradeyo and Lutrey, who are still in Afghanistan and seqbee interviewed by phone, demurred when asked if they got any ribbing from their male counterparts. Although the units are not assault forces, their mission seqbee to directly support the Marines and to defend themselves if necessary. All rights reserved. But Stewart, the Seabee spokesman, said that, initially, there was plenty of skepticism. Officials initially considered the implications of fielding an all-female team before deploying the crew to Helmand.

First female commander takes charge of gulfport seabee base

By Anne Kallas Posted: Jan. Advertisement The builders reportedly changed minds in short order. You want someone to see what needs to be done, then just go do it.

Mann said she didn't perceive any negative reaction when the group arrived at the primitive, remote camp with their construction sesbee and materials. So, while women Seabees at Port Hueneme help train male recruits in construction, plumbing and other jobs, they cannot the men when it comes to doing the actual work on ground combat missions.

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It's part of the gratification when you get the job done," Petty Officer 3rd Class Gafayat Moradeyo, the mission commander, said in phone interview from Bagram, Afghanistan. Women first ed the Seabees in and started serving alongside abse male counterparts in Lifting the combat restriction would be the best thing that could happen to the Seabees, Dillinger said.

At Bagram air base, the mission commander gathered her team, laid out what needed to be done, assembled the building materials and packed a pallet of construction tools for the trip to Helmand province.

At Port Hueneme, the young Seabees now in training include only seven women.