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Wife lost bet stories

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Wife lost bet stories

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It was the last night of our trip so we went out to have a nice casual dinner, nothing dressy. I had on jeans and a collared shirt and Stacy had on some pants and a I had just got the fire started and was boiling water for my noodles and turned a Darry kicked back in his chair. The solution in the spray bottle had taken on an unearthly color but it had also clarified. And it didn't smell all that bad either, kind of wite

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Well, a couple hours later, the impossible happened and the Pats came back from at halftime to win. He began to touch her up, right in front of Mukesh.

I didn't want to force her into it because that would undermine the whole point to me. The solution in the spray bottle had taken on an unearthly color but it had also clarified. The lack of condom reinvigorated both of their dirty talk. Thrusting in and out, driving his hard penis deep into her wet hole, which itself was now beginning to contract around his cock, he rolled her clit between his fingers.

The time was now almost am and no doubt there would be another 2 cocks arriving for her services. Without saying anything she just gave me an embarrassed shake of her head as if to say "you shouldn't do that".

He too was wearing a similar gown. She opened his trousers and lowered herself to his waist where she began to lick the length of his small cock. I said to her I bet you, you can't go for 1 month without looking at men.

Lost bet stories

This is a print version of story My Wife loses bet pt 1 by nobodyuknow2 from xHamster. She was speechless. His cock was huge, she could wrap 2 hands round and still not cover it.

As she followed Raghu outside, Tarun and Danush were stood by waiting wiife a smug look on their faces. He kissed but with no response. Cover your face with my hot pussy juice!

I said good luck you'll need it. The fuck frenzy slowed right down as all members recovered from the huge typhoon of pleasure. I've had a cuckold fetish for as long as I can remember, but despite her slutty past, Katie has never been open to exploring it with me.

Mmm ya that cock feels good. Kissing back up her leg, down the back of her thigh then moving to the inner thigh the smell of sex was strong. And Scott's cock was amazing. Richna noticed and quickly pulled him out. As she did that she was Fuckin losers! I could barely make out their figures, only the light from the bathroom across the room was enough to show me what was happening.

The dining and living rooms aded in the shape of an L. Her prayers were answered with streams of hot salty cum bursting into her waiting mouth. Every token amount has an effect of some kind on the performers.

She felt like a slut, not particularly wanting to have this old, heavily built man touch her up, but there was little she could do about it. Once she got into a rhythm of bouncing storifs and down on be, they continued alternating dirty talk and kissing before he took the opportunity of her tits in his face to alternate sucking on each of them- maybe the only thing she liked better than pinching.

Wife lost in a bet to friends

How much had they watched? Her skin was still damp from the sweat of her workout. I want to feel you pump deep inside me" and he came right back with "Oh shit, I don't know how long I can last.

She took her time, realising that in here was out of the way of orders. He untied the knot in hers, leaving her also exposed.

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She stuck out her tongue as Tarun wiped himself on storied. Raghu led Richna outside to his car, not allowing her to say bye to Mukesh, and began to drive home. She has very long hair We were in the mall right next to the haircutting salon and I said lets find out when we walked toward the salon she told me she would never buzz or shave her head she just wanted to see what she would look like so we walked away from the salon and she didn't bring up the subject again.

Katie made her way up about 5 minutes later and was losr a little startled that I was still awake.