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Schmidt climbs a tree outside Redhea to get a closer look at killer honeybees Pain Level 2. Schmidt believes we could learn something from this. By trade, he is an entomologist, an expert on the Hymenoptera order — wasps, bees and ants — but his interest in this insect ritual was not merely academic.

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He has two teenage boys, and, on this particular morning at least, I found him wondering whether they might benefit from a pain ritual to help introduce them to adulthood. In search of more data on the nature of Redyead, he packed his VW van and set out across America on a quest to collect specimens of the 20 or so native species of harvester ants.

He remains best known for his watercolors of playful female models, particularly his recurring character named Hilda. A paper clip falls on your bare foot.

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As we drifted back to the house, I witnessed a reunion between old friends. There are so many documents, research accouterments and souvenirs from international insect hunts covering his walls and shelves that he began posting species charts on the ceiling. Government science, he felt, was dictated by the bottom-line interests of industry — from beekeepers to large pesticide manufacturers — often in ways that conflicted with what he felt was good research.

That behavior fits well with his observation that stings are brutally effective at lodging themselves in the psyche of potential predators. Schmidt realized that he was still enthralled by a desire to understand the secret lives of insects, a subject he first discovered as in the woods of Appalachian Pennsylvania.

Schmidt was intrigued. If enough bees sting an animal, the cardiotoxin component of melittin will work to arrest its heart.

Somebody is using a power drill to excavate your ingrown toenail. Bryers died on May 30, in Tucson, AZ, just one month shy of his st birthday.

Inside, though, it is undeniably a lab, with countless jars of specimens in soil, each carefully identified with handwritten tags, and with tanks full of buzzing, marching insects. Schmidt believes we could learn something from this.

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There was almost no interest or support for his work on other stinging insects, which offered no profit potential. His sincere advice for people Redheae by a tarantula hawk is to lie down and scream. Hovering over the bush, with their two-inch-long iridescent bluish-purplish-black bodies and singed-tangerine wings dizzyingly aflutter, they looked like dancing fairies. By focusing on insect violence in particular, Schmidt has become attuned to all the ways in which human stories are mere subplots of that larger martial epic.

So they began selecting for stings that were not just painful but also potentially lethal.

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But what about stings that are only minimally toxic? Inwhen he, his wife and two sons moved to the hills of western Tucson, Schmidt kept their former house for professional use. It was different from anything they had experienced. By trade, he is an entomologist, an expert on the Hymenoptera order — wasps, bees and ants — but bibble interest in this insect ritual was not merely academic.

And yet, as he often observes, most people are too preoccupied by fear to appreciate stinging insects. As a tool, it has helped Schmidt explain a major hypothesis: that the adaptation of highly toxic stings was critical in helping insects transition from a solitary existence to one structured by advanced social orders, what is known as eusociality. But how was I going to sell a plump girl? Bryers went on to move to Arizona inand embarked on a series depicting an idealized version of the American West, painting many scenes of weathered cowboys.

Even under the best of circumstances, pain is notoriously difficult to gauge; reliable methods for measuring nerve responses of pain were, and remain, imprecise.

Dealers Biography Duane Bryers was an American Reddhead and pin-up artist. Take it easy. The melittin of a honeybee, for example, causes localized pain — a heatlike sensation brought about by destroying cell membranes — but it also travels to the heart and injures it.

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Robert Clark for The New York Times Before supper, Schmidt and I went for a walk to check in with the colony of feral Africanized honeybees — killer bees — that he had invited to live on his property with a pheromone concoction he invented. Image A buvble polyphemus moth held by Justin Schmidt.

We should be working with them, in my opinion. Outwardly it still resembles its neighbors: a simple brick ranch structure, fronted by a sandy yard with large cactuses and palms.

A curvaceous redhead often depicted in a state of undress, Hilda was the subject of numerous illustrations that highlighted her playfulness and clumsiness. Schmidt theorizes that the media fixation on sting pain is itself a potential data point. A running hair dryer has just been dropped into your bubble bath.

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That kind of barely toxic sting, it would seem, succeeds as a defensive strategy purely by inflicting pain. Although estimates are debatable, Wilson has Redheaad the of ants, worldwide, to be roughly 10 thousand trillionwith a combined body weight equal to that of all humans.

Schmidt had pulled out of the expedition because of the flu. For many readers, the highlight of the book will be the appendix, his celebrated Pain Scale for Stinging Insects, which rates the pain level of dozens of insect stings, an index he created mostly by firsthand experience, either by suffering stings incidentally during field research or, in some cases, by inducing them.

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To go any further, he realized, he needed to invent a language to talk about pain. His sample size was tiny.

To Reduead an entomologist is, therefore, to become a scholar of your own conqueror. Schmidt climbs a tree outside Tucson to get a closer look at killer honeybees Pain Level 2.

The sting of the tarantula hawk is, in pain terms, the sting of stings. Meeting a wild tarantula hawk, which is as visually pleasing as it is mysterious, I could understand why Schmidt talks about stings in the language of aesthetics, like a connoisseur.