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Lonely for super bowl

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Lonely for super bowl

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Hello all. Sports fans, bandwagoners, commercial watching girlfriends, foodies, boozers, and most everybody with a pulse will all have their eyes on the same event come February 1st, and who can blame them. Kansas City Chiefs. The least amount of points scored combined was during the Super Bowl when the Dolphins beat the Redskins The Cowboys and Steelers are tied for Lnely most Super Bowl appearances— 8 each. The Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with 6 titles.

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Basically, a Super Bowl party is the only party where the TV is the most important guest.

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Up. I like L. The fastest touchdown scored in a Super Bowl was in when Devin Hester returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown with just fog seconds ticked off the clock. Win and you might actually own the bar by next year's Super Bowl.

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It's like having an entire suler park to yourself, where the rides fr fatty foods, booze, and pure silence. A single tear rolled down his cheek. On of scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is complete ambivalence and 10 is wild excitement, about a I suspect there were far less be tossed around that year. We may earn a commission from these links. The Super Bowl will be broadcast to more than countries in 30 different languages.

When Super Bowl partying alone you can start early and consume often. S telecast in history, with a viewership of No Super Bowl has ever gone into OT.

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The Food Americans will eat an estimated Never spammy, always interesting. In total there areballs made for the entire football season.

Post-Game Of course, the worst part of another underwhelming Super Bowl party—aside from the hour pregame show—is having to get your bloated, drunk self safely home. Induring one of the biggest Super Bowl blunders ever, temporary seats were not installed properly, leaving that many ticket holders without seats for the big game.

Every year there are 72 footballs made for the Super Bowl. It's not hard to throw nor attend a Super Bowl party; I must have attended, or bkwl, two-decades-straight worth of Super Bowl parties starting in the '90s and going well into the s.

And revel in the fact that no one will ever know how much of a gluttonous pig you are. Talking Football I'm not one of those grouches who thinks an important sporting event needs to be watched with solemn focus and zero side chatter about the sideline reporter's dumb hat. So the game was incredibly boring. No team has played a Super Bowl on its home field. Now you don't have to cheap out on the rack cardboard briefcase of lite lagers while hiding the good stuff from avaricious guests.

There will be no need to save your sobriety 'til the evening so you can bolw get to the host's house and not be bodl wreck upon arrival, nor any supef to stay sober for the drive home.

Man returns to lonely, worthless life after super bowl party ends

How do I feel about that? And my shrimp enchiladas changed my mind about the nachos were fan-freakin-tastic. The Vince Lombardi trophy stands On average, 10, tweets euper sent per minute in the last two minutes of the Super Bowl. Sports fans, bandwagoners, commercial watching girlfriends, foodies, boozers, and most everybody with a pulse will all have their eyes on the same event come February 1st, and who can blame them. You get the La-Z-Boy with the pop-out leg rest, or the lounge chair and ottoman, or the entire couch to sprawl out on, if that's what you want.

I watched the super bowl alone — and i liked it, sort of

Jerry Rice has the record for most Super Bowl points with The Steelers have won the most Super Bowls with 6 titles. Home alone, as it were, except for Fletch the boxer. You're exhausted, your house is a mess of chicken wing detritus and bleu cheese splatters, and maybe you actually want to watch that post-game 24 sans Jack Bauer reboot.

Never miss a post up here to receive my latest posts directly in your inbox. Super Bowl Menu. I had a sore neck and ass for a week. There is something to be said about probability. Roman numerals are used to name the Super Bowl because the season falls on two calendar years. The NFL asked Katy Perry to pay them an undisclosed amount to perform in the halftime show this year. Super Bowl partying alone, though, means all your strategic observations are astute "Boy, Matty Ryan sure is dissecting the Pat's zone secondary!

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Getty Images Bathroom Usage Any time you need to pee during a commercial break, that one friend of a friend you don't like is guaranteed to be hogging the bathroom. Hello all. Or which Snickers spot has them remarking, "Soooo funny. The average Super Bowl viewer will consume 1, calories while watching the game. Set up your coffee table as your bar and bust out your best whiskey, your best beers, and your best vintage champagne, and drink like tomorrow isn't Monday.

It's on a Sunday, the least partying-est day of the week, and usually begins around 5 p. There is no video footage of Super Bowl I. Alone, your only option will be to sprint to your closest old man dive bar before the game and lay a few ducats down on that posterboard box pool that's been affixed above the register for the last month.

Super Bowl partying by yourself, though, means you can eat guac straight from the bowl with a spoon if you want, or make yourself a full bag of nachos covered with an entire block of cheese. Seating Few people have ample or comfortable enough seating for large parties, and it's worse the younger and less domesticated the hosts are.

Kansas City Chiefs. The Bills is the only franchise to go to 4 consecutive Super Bowls. Hell, it's your house, you can sit on the toilet for the entire third quarter watching the game out the bathroom door if you wish.

The trick to the best super bowl party is to invite absolutely no one

It isn't a dinner party, though food is crucial. Hell, next year, maybe we'll just watch the game from bed.

Sources confirmed that Rackly remained on his porch for a bleak, hopeless four minutes under a lone, flickering incandescent bulb in the frigid cold, attempting to savor the last of an already fading moment.