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Keeping an open mind

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Keeping an open mind

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That celebratory feeling should be plenty enough incentive to keep an open mind and constantly seek the truth. Because feeling wrong sucks even more than feeling right rocks.

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Try it yourself. It means you are open to everyone and everything that comes your way, allowing yourself to embrace minf possibilities, opportunities, people, views, suggestions and interests. Keeping an open mind is one of the best tools I use in simplifying my life. The moment you think you know something for sure you are limiting yourself.

11 not-so-simple, proven tactics to keep an open mind

You have to make it a routine for it to be effective. They disintegrate your sense of ego and open your mind to make connections as shown in the image above. Read different books, magazines and blogs. I try to practice this in every situation and it makes life a hell of a lot easier and less complicated. Subscribe to Consider This for a complacency-challenging, curiosity-piquing, potentially-life-spicing new idea every week.

Keep an open mind

If anything, their open-mindedness decreases over time. Get away from it all, like Kim here outside Essaouira, Morocco. So hit pause. How to Have Impossible Conversations — A practical manual for how to converse productively no matter how touchy the topic.

Be blank, open, unprejudiced to everything you read. Listen to people.

For instance, you may want to consider quitting the news. Consume Mind-Opening Material Read, listen, and learn widely to increase the odds you come across mind-opening new ideas.

Source: Journal of the Royal Society Interface 7. Orlando A. In no time, we can find ourselves believing in crazy shit. You might have overlooked something, you might not know all the details and life is not always black or white.

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He did too. Because once you identify yourself as a believer in anything—a religion, aliens, Justin Bieber—it becomes a part of you. Persuadable — Why persuadable leaders are the most effective, and how to be one. De-motivational speakersas I like to call them. Be Careful How You Trip Given how powerful psychedelics are and especially given their illegality in most parts of the world, use them with care. Easier said than done, I know.

But then the automatic kdeping mechanism kicks in.

Have/keep an ˌopen ˈmind (on/about something)

About 5 percent of people experience something similar. Intelligence Squared — Debates on contentious topics to help you adjust your dials.

And evidence always turns up if you look hard enough, especially if you go looking on the internet. Science Vs.

So meditate, whack some golf balls at the range, take a nap, do some yoga, go for a walk in nature, or do whatever works for you. It looks like bikes can haul a lot more than we thought… 8. Mibd bookmark that and go back to it regularly to repeat the exercises. Avoid Extremes Be careful about pushing the dial close to or 0. Seek information rather than receive and react to it.

Be right more often

Take on a New Hobby Taking on a new hobby is a longer-term version of the act your way to a new way of thinking strategy we wrote about in our post on quick mind-opening exercises. Your Mental Elevator Imagine your mind as a kfeping elevator. Be like a champion boxer and seek increasingly skilled challengers in your weight class instead. Got Netflix? In terms of the elevator analogy, they temporarily blow the doors wide open like mibd were when you were a little.

Kim would love my next hobby to be cooking, but I believe I dislike cooking at about 93 out of What would you say or think and how would you react if you were in the other persons shoe. Every possible belief, no aj how big or weirdly-shaped, can fit in and out of its doors.