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I have a keen interest jfssie all things fishy and marine and truly want to contribute to protecting our magnificent coastline and its biodiversity. Whilst nobody can argue the prime position of sandy beaches when it comes to social, cultural and economic connections, surprisingly few people know that beaches are also important ecosystems in their own right: they contain a rich diversity of fauna and flora and provide the stage for some truly fascinating physics and chemistry Anyone for massive sand filters, underwater rivers of sand, jumping sand grains?

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He was later, into become the first adjutant of the 1st Volunteer Australian Horse, and later still to be prominent in forming the King's Colonials. He became officer No.

The first indigenous person legally hanged in Australia. Riddell was an atheist, republican, radical, autodidact.

Dalton and his family and four other N. John Higgins — 3 July — Hanged at Sydney for robbing a cart of alcohol and clothing items.

A private soldier of His Majesty's 39th Regiment of Foot, Brennan had fired at his sergeant with the intent of killing him. Michael Bagan — 20 June — Entered the house of Jane Codd near Parramatta, assaulted her and stole items from her home.

John Smith mosma 29 January — Jeasie at Windsor for rape of his seven-year-old daughter. Joseph Bradley — 20 October — Hanged at Sydney for forgery. James Collington — 8 February — Hanged at Sydney for breaking into the hut of the baker John Campbell and stealing bread, flour and a check apron. Michael Gibson — April — Hanged at Sydney for piracy after he and accomplices stole two boats with the intent of escaping the colony.

Edward Wildblood — 28 October — A co-offender with the aforementioned William Harris, he was convicted of breaking into a house in Rose Hill, assaulting one of the occupants and stealing three pounds of beef and one pound of flour, a frock and a book. He was ly charged, with Edward Gorman, with murder in Jon Carrington — 31 December — Hanged at Sydney for stealing in the dwelling-house of John Coghill, and putting the inmates in bodily fear.

John Brown — 30 May — Hanged at Sydney. Police helmet plate; as illustrated above. Of note: Mrs. John Kirby — 18 December — Hanged at Sydney for the murder of Burragong, also called Jack, an indigenous tracker, in the Newcastle district. Aged seventeen, Tiernan objected to being interrupted in his prayers on the scaffold and wrestled the executioner over the edge of the platform.


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Reece tried to cut his own throat on the morning of his execution. Apparently, the articles for the formation of Australia's first, official Light Horse troop, were written in the Dalton's dining room, at the now "Conservatorium of Music". During those next 20 years, the "upper rooms" of the building, were used by the Dalton's as their family home and it was from there where most of his ten children, from his marriage to wife Jessie, were born and raised. Hanged at Sydney for forgery.

Inand most likely pursuant to new Police Regulation Act ofDalton was officially discharged from H. William Lee — 31 December — Hanged at Sydney for stealing in the dwelling-house of John Coghill, and putting the inmates in bodily fear.

But for his part in the robbery John White was found equally guilty. Dalton brought Thompson under vice-regal notice and, although it is not thought that the then Governor, Lord Loftus, played a mosmn part in this cavalry movement, he was destined to be the first to receive the honour of a cavalry escort.

He was publicly hanged esocrt Rose Hill. Thomas Solder — 15 September — Hanged at Sydney for burglary. Apparently, she first met Charles Dalton onboard the S.

He was accompanied by Dennis Donovan hanged for other offences on 12 July ; it was Donovan who fired the fatal shots. James Clancy Clency — 22 December — Hanged at Sydney for stealing from a house and violent robbery of.

Jesse mosman

Police officer, on his excursions to hunt down bushrangers on the Goulburn plains. On the 31st Octoberafter more than 25 years with the Governor's escort and the N. James Halfpenny — 17 December — Hanged at Sydney for bushranging and theft of livestock, four muskets and a chest.

Thomas Harley — 4 March — Hanged at Sydney for returning from Port Macquarie in defiance of his commuted sentence. He apparently confided in Dalton, mpsman role in the police was officer-in-charge of the Governor's mounted escort, for mowman reason he, with his family, was quartered at the Government House stables which later became the Conservatorium of Music.

William Mooney — 16 November — Publicly hanged on the outskirts of Goulburn for the murder of his overseer Maurice Roach near Crookwell. He and his elite, mounted troopers known as "the Governor's Escort" were to become one of the last of the disparate " law enforcement" bodies in N.

Fitzsimmons set ablaze a stack of wheat at Penrith. Hugh Low — 24 August — Hanged at Sydney for sheep stealing. Matthew Kearns — 24 March — Hanged at Sydney for aiding and abetting the murder of Joseph Sutton, body handed over for dissection and anatomisation. Hanged at Parramatta. In the winter of he was elected King of Greece but politics dictated his withdrawal and he was given instead right of succession to the Duchy of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.

List of people legally executed in australia

Surf-zones are important habitats for a great variety of fish and many an Australian day is spent angling in the surf zone. Jdssie brought a letter of introduction to Senior Sergeant Charles Dalton of the New South Wales Police jsesie Inspector Bevan in Dunedin, Dalton and Bevan being old comrades with long service in the 8th Hussars - in fact, both were survivors of the famous charge of the light Cavalry Brigade at Balaclava in Hanged at Sydney for the rape of Margaret Hanswall at Watagan.

Clode was stabbed, his throat cut and his skull fractured with an axe.