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The barter is as naked and as cold in the one case as in the other; the thing bartered is the same; the difference between the two transactions lies in the price that is paid down. Greg W. Greg's article "Prostitution," published in the Westminster Review indraws an explicit parallel between prostitutes and women who marry for money. Greg, who uses the terminology of economics to describe prostitution and marriage as "transactions" undertaken in "a cold fog of bargain," knows that the parallel will shock many of his Victorian readers. He writes, "Let ror the world cry shame upon us for the juxtaposition"

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A key text for emergent feminist literary criticism of the s, Jane Eyre was celebrated most notably by Gilbert and Gubar. Westmead, Eng. See Zonana and Meyer for more sustained discussions of postcolonial theory as applied to Jane Eyre.

Gorl such a martyrdom wex be monstrous" For Politi, Jane's refusals to be subordinate to Rochester are hollow because of Jane's complicity in a patriarchal system. But, possibly because she knows of his "former faults of morality," she admonishes herself: "It does good to no woman to be flattered by her superior, who cannot possibly intend to marry her; and it is madness in all women to let a secret love kindle within them, which, if unreturned and unknown, must devour the life that feeds it; and, if discovered and responded to, must lead, ignis fatuus-like, into miry wilds whence there is no extrication" While Jane is determined Rochesteg maintain her independence, she expresses a certain ambivalence about her decision to leave Thornfield.

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This feeling of degradation, linked as it is to the increase in buying, stems from both her economic position and from Rochesteer glee in keeping her increasingly in his debt. This recognition reminds Jane that any "secret love" between them will not result in marriage, but in mistresshood—the metaphorical "miry wilds" that she imagines here. Can I bear the consciousness that every endearment he bestows is a sacrifice made on principle?

It is an old saying that "all is not gold that glitters;" and in this case I do fear there will be something found to be different to what either you or I expect. Arlyn Diamond and Lee R.

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The York Penitentiary Society was established inand closer to Haworth, homes in Leeds and Hull shared resources, with a new penitentiary opening in Hull in Bullough, Vern and Barrett Elcano. Bodichon, Barbara Leigh Smith. John] has told me I am formed for labour—not for love: which is true, no doubt. John fares much worse when he suggests marriage without love than Rochester does when he advocates love without marriage.

For a discussion of coverture that is based in contract theory, see Pateman and chapter six.

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John Rivers's insistence that she marry him without it: foe. Within the text of Jane Eyre, "mistress" most often denotes a "kept woman. Poovey, Mary.

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Finally, Roy focuses on the fundamentally conservative class politics of the novel rather than on its gender politics. Jane immediately re his pleasure as the smug satisfaction of "buying" her.

This comparison of a mistress to a slave recurs in the text, generally through fod references to seraglios or harems. The difficulty of her position is demonstrated when she, a lone woman on the public ro, encounters several people who judge her harshly. Greg W.

Judith Walkowitz's seminal Prostitution and Victorian Society focuses on the passage of the acts and the feminist agitation for their repeal, both of which made prostitution a prominent national issue. The critical divide between those who consider the novel a radical feminist text and those who qualify its radicalism, or even see it as ultimately conservative, has become particularly sharp in the last three decades.

Now that you think me disqualified to become your husband, you recoil from my touch" Why do you shake your head? Chicago: U of Chicago P, Senf, Carol A. In any case, Mrs.

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She is less concerned than I am, though, with exploring how those social constraints affect Jane's psyche. The conviction that financial independence is an important marker tor women's personal and subjective autonomy is evident when Rochester takes Jane shopping.

In another effort to assert her independence, Jane insists on retaining her salary and work schedule even after her marriage. In the end, she marries Rochester not only because she loves Giel, but also because she has received a large inheritance from her uncle in Madeira, which enables her to live wherever and however she desires.

See especially chapters one and six for further discussion of marriage as a sexual contract. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, "gay woman" first ified "prostitute" in Jane's flight from Thornfield illuminates the choice that she faces between independence and mistresshood. Drawing from social contract theory, Pateman argues that the sexual contract, which includes both marriage and prostitution, underwrites and makes possible the social contract by providing the necessary precondition of patriarchal order: "The social contract is a story of freedom; the sexual contract is a story of subjection.

The Family, Sex and Marriage in England Jane in fact states flatly to Rochester that she would not endure many things for a salary: "'I should never mistake informality for insolence: one I rather like, the other nothing free-born would submit to, even for a salary.