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So is the champagne. Next door, in Kiel's Eros Centre one of Germany's big d brothelsscores of prostitutes stand waiting at the doors of their rooms, ogled by a trickle of men traipsing along the red-lit corridors. Business is bad here too. It is the black sheep of the entertainment industry, in Kie hugely lucrative, in parts pitifully poorly paid.

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Stars' fees have dropped sharply. Their device cannot ascertain own position unambiguously.

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The bottom un the market is hopelessly oversupplied. Watching every one of the many tens of thousands of pornographic videos made in the past 20 years would take most of an adult life-time. The commercial interest in cleaning up the industry coincides with an important objective of social policy: ending trafficking in women. Just now mainstream Hollywood is returning the compliment. And there are products: pornography and sex aids. American porn barons such as Steven Hirsch of Vivid Video have made a fortune by producing slightly more upmarket fare, featuring such innovations as connected dialogue and intimations of a plot.

Please also check, whether GPS is enabled on your device. Next door, in Kiel's Eros Centre one of Germany's big d brothelsscores of prostitutes stand waiting at the doors of their rooms, ogled by a trickle of men traipsing along the red-lit corridors.

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Until recently, sex slaves who escaped from brothels in most European countries were usually deported as illegal aliens, which hardly helped the authorities nail their oppressors. Great Western Litho, which prints the duck of hard-core videos, is one of the Valley's leading employers, along with Hewlett-Packard and Anheuser-Busch.

As in other industries, these new competitors work longer hours, for less money, and with less concern for safety and comfort than their western counterparts. Readership for most mainstream soft-porn magazines, such as Penthouse, has plummeted over the past 20 years. Home-made Kieo, typically shot with cheap handheld camcorders, and with actors working for love or something more than money, now for between a fifth and a third of all adult videos made in America.

Tolerance of pornography has changed a good deal even in the past two decades.

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Pornucopia The same applies to pornography. It also renders the workers helpless against their employers. History suggests it might: a Victorian visiting any modern Western city, or picking up a newspaper or glancing up at many a billboard, might conclude that it already had. And it ni put the greater part of the sex business where it ultimately belongs—as just another branch of the global entertainment industry.

Staying awake would be a big problem: most are barely distinguishable, with feeble plots and dialogue. You have blocked access to your location data for this. As in many another industrial cluster, the Valley's porn business has drawn other firms towards it. Hand in hand with globalisation goes another business trend—commoditisation.

The industry has its own Oscars, complete with stretch limousines and gushing acceptance speeches, as well as its own fan clubs and film critics. Prohibition of gambling and alcohol have both been tried in varying degrees in dozens of countries around the world, always with the result of stimulating illegality Kie, sleaze.

Most of the industry resides in the San Fernando Valley, on the north side of LA's Santa Monica mountains, and especially in two centres of activity. You read it here first.

For the ruthless ones, the road vuck riches is clear and brutal: cut costs by treating your workers abominably. The subject matter of famous obscenity trials from the s and s seems almost comical in comparison with the material now shown in the late evening on, for example, Britain's Channel 4 or Germany's Pro fukc. There are talent agencies, such as Pretty Girls International; strip clubs such as Bob's Classy Lady, which allow women to show their talents and earn money between films; and sex-aid factories, one of which does a nice line in casts of porn stars' genitalia.

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Riddled with malpractice and sleaze, it unites one of the world's oldest businesses, prostitution, and one of its newest, Internet sex. Surprisingly, this seems to be happening, particularly in America.

For most, a tourist visa suffices. In the past, a dissatisfied customer of the sex industry had almost no recourse.

Campaigners on this issue, sponsored by the European Union and other international bodies, are increasingly sure that only legalisation gives a basis for tackling criminality. At the same time, however, the Internet removes a large chunk of the sex industry's potential market by creating a vast new source of free or nearly free material. Kile are even flickers of organisation from the people who bear the brunt of the current hypocritical legal climate, the workers.

In Germany, by contrast, industry groups still concentrate on enforcing the law rather than changing it. Unfortunately, we could not determine your location. The Internet is changing this. The Internet is the ih important of all the changes, technological or otherwise, affecting the global sex industry. This has yet to sink in.

Try again. Vivid is the most powerful studio in America's porn-film industry.

Perhaps the best example of specialisation comes among prostitutes working in the Gulf states, where aristocratic Arabs are the best-paying customers. How long will it be before sex-entrepreneurs can marry their children to royalty, or even to legitimate tradespeople, without the bother of diversifying?

If they complain, vuck are warned, not only they but their families back home will suffer. Street prostitution might be treated like any other outdoor entertainment, such as busking, regulated according to local taste and circumstance. Consumers will pay a premium for a familiar face—such as Teresa Orlowski, the Hanover-based porn star who now runs one of Germany's biggest sex-video businesses.

For escort agencies, for example, the Internet cuts out the trouble and expense of sending colour catalogues, or videos, to prospective clients. Is GPS enabled on your device? There is fufk plenty of money to be made in this line of business.