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Fantasy fest swingers

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Fantasy fest swingers

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Not daunting at all, right? Forget that Key West is full of old-timers who have lived through the majority of those Fantasy Fests and have very strong opinions of how things ought to go down.

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So, directing masses of confused, likely inebriated tourists should be a piece of cake.

We would like to you in fantasy Fest. Other than the cost of the house couples would contribute for food which saves a ton vs eating swijgers and purchase their own alcohol and party event tickets etc. The simples We live hours away from the Keys.

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Do consider getting a personal catheter for parade night as unoccupied bathrooms will be scarce just joking Don't verbally abuse anyone before stepping inside a porta-potty as the result could be disastrous and gross. Its going to be an awsome week.

There is a two block long section of Duval which is labeled the "Fantasy Zone" where open containers of beer, wine or alcohol are permitted and flow freely from bars and vendors. That is what Fantasy Fest is all about.

Key west festival called fantasy fest swingers naked partying in the street

Fwntasy West is small and compact in size and some streets are both narrow and have obscured sidewalks or side paths so watch your step--especially at night. Don't wear your thong with your leg in the wrong hole. If you like partying, body paint, and lots of great looking couples then this is the place.

They are there working days off for your enjoyment. The creative group that is rebranding Fantasy Fest-Wonderdog Studios.

Would you please try to touch base with us now or a FF so we could maybe plan on next year. Don't be in a hurry.

Now we just need a few of you that have expressed an interest to finalize your plans. Marky, the ingenious wunderkind who never ceases to surprise Key West with his whacky events, is one of the masterminds behind the Key Lime Festival — a five-day, scurvy-busting, love letter to all sqingers key lime.

Key west hotels and places to stay

But there will also be fun, color, whimsy, excitement and creativity. We have been there three time, and always have an issue knowing the people well enough to be frank with them about lifestyle.

Really wild!! Splitting a house with likeminded couples is by far the funnest, best, and cheapeast way to go to Fantasy Fest. Words cannot describe here what you might see so you will have to use your imagination.

Forget that Key West is full of old-timers who have lived through the majority of those Fantasy Fests and have very strong opinions of how things ought to go down. But lest you think Marky and Nadene are afloat in a roiling ocean without life vests, the Key West community is universally thrilled to have such creative powerhouses behind our most cherished annual event. Don't flash the cops. Coming into Key West's "new town" at the north end of the island, is a culture shock after driving the 50 miles or so.

Do trim your pubic hair within the limits of your costume Don't walk downtown in barefeet as the streets are likely to have either debris or glass, etc.

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We would have loved to have shared this house with you two, but this year we're staying at Truman Annex. I know this all sounds like a massive undertaking. I often try to use vendors that use a portion of their proceeds for local charities.

Between hangovers, crowds, and general dismay about returning to reality, leaving Key West and Fantasy Fest is tough except for the knowledge that the next Fest is less than days away! Remember, depending on the swinggers used, Key West grows from a small town of 25, to almostfor Fantasy Fest as crowds are estimated to be from 50, and most are primarily situated in an area on a one-mile section of town called Duval Street.

Nadene and Marky are committed to keeping Fantasy Fest fresh and funky, with an increased emphasis on partnering with local businesses and focusing on the unique art and culture found in the Florida Keys. Their team also is making the festival as green as possible by encouraging recycling and selling a reusable cocktail cup that can be refilled at any participating venue.

Do make sure you have a place to stay before you get too drunk.

Be careful on the streets of bicylists and fahtasy riding scooters or Vespa's that may not be used to operating them. Fantasy Fest Looking for additional people interested in partying We are booking a house for Fantasy Fest this year and are looking for others wanting to split a house for the week Oct Be extremely careful driving as pedestrians swingerd intoxicated, sometimes jaywalking will walk right out in front of you driving from a ly hidden area.

We are hoping to find a bar where there's a known wild group.