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Buying used panties

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Buying used panties

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But today, society has become more accepting when it comes to various fetishes, curiosities and behaviours. Buying or selling underwear has become acceptable as long as both sides have no qualms about the whole experience. Thinking about buying used underwear to satisfy your inner cravings? Considering selling your used underwear to make money or to give satisfaction to those who would gladly pay for it?

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Do you like a particular blog post a lot? Women often sell their used underwear in order to supplement their lifestyle. Selling used underwear at a premium price is one way of making extra money online. I also sell my intimates to gratify your used panty fetish.

See More. There are many different pwnties platforms for you to choose from and you are not bound to specific ones as you would be on other sites. Your fake check image remains anonymous.

We do this by verifying the identity of our sellers. Premium panties, bra set panties, bralette set panties can be worn jsed a maximum of 24 hours with no extra charge. Another important aspect to consider is the fake check. Buyers can start touching, sniffing or rubbing the underwear on their cheeks, for example.

Buy my used panties

Now that is sharing the love! This ensures that the used panties are coming from a real person and maintains our reputation at Scented Pansy and all of our sellers. Buying used underwear is considered by many to be an adult fetish, an attractive endeavour that offers both men and women plenty of rewards.

You can start a chat session or send a private message to the seller to find out more details. Be free to express your pantyhose sex fetish or stocking tease however you wish. Men who wish to sell their used underwear to interested parties can up on uses as well. Special request like masturbation, sweaty work out is at extra cost. Make a great side income the thousands of sellers just like you making a side income selling their used panties with us.

You can easily add or remove items or pnties discounts to your most valued customers. All purchase comes with at least 1 photo digital copy of me wearing your item.

Premium buyers never have an inactivity status and have unlimited messaging and chatting. Sellers can then use coins to help their business, boosting items.

It will be on my website forever! They simply adore used underwear or briefs worn by other people. The buyer can also be a used underwear collector, owning a few dozen or even hundreds of intimate apparel for their own pleasure. At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you to decide how anonymous you wish to remain.

A classier, trustworthy, and more secure platform for the used panty fetish community.

Safety is priority one at Scented Pansy. Send a gift with a personalized note! Ensure that you receive the money from the buyer before shipping the used underwear.

There are many reasons why a buyer would want to buy used underwear. You control when you list, how much you list and what you list. Meet new people Sofia Gray allows you to connect and chat with people from all over the world.


You can find helpful tips on setting up yourhow to ship used pantieswhat methods of payment are popular, and buiyng, much more. Women can express their sexual fantasies with the aid of these items, and men can play out a role to achieve sexual satisfaction. Here we encourage cooperation rather than competition.

Rather than looking around websites looking for buyers with a passion for dirty underwear or being careful with wording and photographs, Scented Pansy where you can express yourself freely and give the buyers what they really want without restrictions. The user is required to take a photo of themselves. You do not have to display your name, address or even a picture of yourself.

Take advantage of our new feature that tweets your listings for you directly on Twitter, a great way to market your wet panyies It can take snifffr up to 24 hours to process your fake check.

It is not disclosed to the community. You can even sell online chats, photos of yourself in various poses, videos, webcam sessions and phone calls for money. Do you have a favorite seller with whom you want to share your appreciation?

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Every month premium members get 10 free coins to use. The whole system of buying and selling is not without its restrictions, though.

We have a dedicated to helping newcomers learn the ropes to sell panties. Once up and running, you can track your sales on your analytics dashboard; see how much money you are making and what items are your best sellers. You get money and the buyer gets the item they want. Wait for the package to arrive, and when it does you can start enjoying the item. Buying or selling underwear has become acceptable as long as both sides have no qualms about the whole experience.