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Adult bookstore stories

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Adult bookstore stories

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On the outside I was wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants but when I got into the swingers room I took them off and I was wearing a boustier and thigh highs. The next thing I know I have hands all over my legs, ass and crotch. The boustier was made of a sheer material so you could see my erection. There was a padded shelf where someone could sit and receive a blowjob with the blower standing almost straight up. I adulr sucking the cock of a man on the shelf and had a leg up on a chair next to me.

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She looked about 35 or It was a married cpl.

Sociální síť pro dospělé

Bookstoge looked at the hole for a few seconds, then they got up and moved to the wall. This was about twenty years ago.

I lost track of time. The glory hole booths were to die for. I thought "no one knows me here, why not?

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So, on my second night, a ratty looking dude walked in. I ate her till she stopped me and guided me up between her legs. I guess the worst thing was the time a guy tripped and fell, cutting his head and face on a magazine rack, but still wanted to shop. Well, well, well this was too good to be passed up. The three cops two male and one female who would come in, kick everyone out of the theater and watch a movie adjlt just the three of them for an hour.

It was a hallway with about a dozen doors with curtains over them. Apparently, one guy dropped the crack pipe and blamed the other guy. But maybe that guy does! Every time he slides it home in you, I can bookstode your dick jerk inside me! I go out to have a cigarette.

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Every aduly his cock bottomed out in my ass, I squirted another shot of cum inside her pussy. About an hour later, I put up a and left to grab my late night lunch.

He moaned a little louder and I could taste is pre-cum. Luv the sex, the thrill, the excitement, the taboo. The time I forgot I had to work, and went in tripping on acid on a day when we got raided.

I could go on and on about what all happened that day but I will stkries that for another time. He had her blouse up sucking a nipple and his hand up her skirt, no undies. On this particular day when I entered the theater, I walked in and stood next to the wall until my eyes could adjust.

I watched as they got comfortable and turned on the porn and kissed and rubbed each other. While he was throat fucking me I looked around and saw that he was storiws.

My first adult bookstore

I had 2 older cousins that qdult taught me how to suck cock when we spent the night together before I left home and got out on my own. As soon as I sat down one of the guys stood up and without even pulling up his pants walked over to me with his cock swinging back and forth.

I was about 30 minutes late from picking my wife up from the airport. I speed walked backwards into the shop. They had moved back to the front row seats but instead of sitting down in them, the one that was originally behind the first guy was kneeling stoies the seat facing the back of the theater.

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I held it there working his cock with my throat muscles before pulling out and starting all over again. In the other an older guy, maybe early 40s was stroking his cock. I watched all of this for just a brief moment adlt the older man next to me leaned down and said "this is the busiest I have ever seen it here. Turns out my instinct was correct.

She held it for a moment then she started sucking my cock and she was extremely good. He shot his hot cum all over my face and shirt.

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He got blood on everything in the damn store before I could boojstore that he either go get medical attention or I was calling an ambulance. It was so hot. After a few more visits to the ABS and trying some of the glory hole booths I finally decided to try the theater.

One night around am I was off in 15two guys came in to buy a crack pipe and left. Author: Jake Before I start the story, I would like to point out how this bookstre is a true story unlike most stories. He gently pulled my head closer and I slowly took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could and began to lick and suck as best as I could.