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The flame that you saw was to the right of the mainmast? From B turret right forward. The witness thought he saw more than he possibly could have done. Where were you at the time of this action?

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What colour was the smoke.

Quite intelligent, but very untrained and inexperienced. The flame was about half way up the funnels. Can you be quite certain she fired a full broide? How can you describe a hit? Witness was cautioned in accordance with K.

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I did see the first salvo when she was untouched and it seemed like one gun from each turret. The fire seemed to be red and the explosion was more yellow. I do not remember noticing any. It was very quick and I could see a flare from the Bismarck's 941 and then there was some smoke and she vanished.

On the 4" gun deck, P. Port pom pom No.

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Tell us in as much detail as you can what you saw of the Hood. I could not be certain, but I think the Bismarck opened fire first. Where were you at the time? Were you looking through glasses?

You told us the big explosion was accompanied by flames. How much of the outline could you see?

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Did you see an explosion. All the ship. No, it was too dark. You said you saw two or three ship, how much of them could you see?

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You say you saw a hit? Between the first and the second 43551 which guns did she fire? It is rather difficult to say with all the smoke, you could just see black objects coming down, the size was relatively small. The forward guns of the Hood fired just before she went down. Yes, when the fires were still burning.

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Was the colour of the explosion the same colour as the fire? Yes, but we were a long way off. Did you see any fire before the explosion? What colour was it? Was the colour of the sheet of flame the same as the original fire?

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Only after the fire which guns did she fire? Could you see which turrets she fired? I was Captain on the port pom pom, the first time we saw her was on the horizon then she closed in and the next thing I saw was the Hood opening fire. What was the interval between the first fire you saw and the explosion?

Are you recollections quite clear? Reddish orange.

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No, it was a brighter flash. The Committee's impressions were that this witness is of an inventive turn of mind. And your bank s are not about to be seized.

Did you see the Hood fire? It seemed to me to be the whole broide. I do not recollect that, sir. At the time we were trained on the two ships nearest and they turned out to be Hood and Prince of Wales.